“We are committed to ease the medical journey for patients with personal care”


“We are committed to ease the medical journey for patients with personal care”



Medical tourism refers to travelling to another country for medical care. Also known as Health Tourism, patients generally travel for surgeries or similar treatments, though people also travel for dentistry and fertility treatments. People with rare conditions may travel to countries where the treatment is better understood. Medical tourism also includes wellness travel.

While almost treatments can be undertaken under medical tourism, it is advised that patients consult their home doctor first, cross-check with the specialist undertaking the treatment and fully check the intended doctors background and references before travelling for treatment.

A preferred destination for medical travel, India has 28 JCI accredited hospitals, most of them being multi-speciality. A main differentiator is the cost incurred as medical treatment costs in India are generally about a tenth of the costs in US and are significantly cheaper than other medical travel destinations like Thailand.

An English conversant well-trained staff, state of the art medical facilities, technology and infrastructure, specialized doctors, trained nurses and paramedical staff are some of the other highlights. Holistic wellness has its roots in India, hence you can avail of the best alternative medical treatments including Ayurveda and Yoga here.

India is more cost effective as a medical destination as labour costs are comparatively low, infrastructure costs are relatively inexpensive and consultation, diagnostic tests and treatment / surgery costs are considerably economical compared to countries like US, UK, Australia etc.

At Procure, we are focused on giving you the best medical travel experience. We stay with you from the first moment of contact, through full recuperation and are affiliated with various major hospitals, leading Health Check-up Centers, Diagnostic Centers and Senior Doctors all over India. We handle every aspect of your entire medical retreat experience and take care of the details such as flights and hotel reservations, scheduling doctors consultations, coordinating surgery appointments, arranging ground transportation in the destination and securely transferring confidential files — i.e. X-Rays, MRIs, CT Scans etc. to the treating doctor. Being an integrated experienced player in the tourism industry, we are able to service our guests with great care and take care of all your needs. Thus we stay committed to deliver the best to our patients where quality meets affordability.

All the representatives at Procure are fluent in English, Indian languages and one or two foreign languages. In the case that we do not speak your native language we can organize a translator for you.

It is always recommended to have a family member or friend accompanying you for treatment. Mostly hotel charge for double occupancy and have meal plans included. Thus, the likely additional charges would be the flight charges, visa charges and extra expenses incurred on food or beverages and tourism if availed.

Most treatments have specific costs and their costing depends on various parameters. In general, the cost advantage of treatment in a developed country to a developing country like India is upto 90 %.

Every insurance has its own terms and conditions and validity criteria. We request you to review and confirm with your provider before availing treatment.

We will support you to reschedule or cancel your treatment in case you need to. But associated costs such as travel, visa, hotel accommodation may be non-reimbursable. However, we will ensure to see that all transactions are conducted with your well-being and satisfaction in mind.

You can connect with us through an email info@www.procuremedicare.com or call us on + 91 9082584391, we will be most happy to assist you.